my first real post

hi again , i should say sorry because I haven’t good English but i promise that improve it.

I’m Faezeh and I live in Asia and I go to 18 years old right last fact I see julie and julia film now for second time and this film affect me a lot,and I decide to start my weblog to write my daily dairy and in real this is one of my motivation in my life for study my lessons .

in this year I should study hard because I have a hard exam for enter in university and I have one year time for this exam and I have to study my high school lessons.all of them! this have a huge volume .lessons for example is math.physics,chemistry,geometry,algebra,statistics,differential,literature,Arabic,religious and English.

I am in last year of high school and now I am in holiday but my lessons will be start in next week and I have class for 5 day of week from 7:30 to 2. and then i will back home and rest a little and then study again my lessons.

I am a lonely person, I have a lot of friend but none of them can be a motivation for my life and i need a stimulus for my life in fact.I wish that this site can be it for me.

I am a little tired, I prefer that go sleep now and then start my lessons. I decided to get up early in morning about 5:30 and go to bed in 11 oclocj in night because usually I go to bed late and wake up late too! but I will change it from tomorrow! Be Sure!

I am going to sleep a little and then I  do my works and study my lessons and then back to site.

bye my best virtual luck….

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hi this is my first post,I just want to see how this post will be shown and in second post I will explain u every thing about this weblog.

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